We propose customized training to individuals and organizations. Our goal is to meet your specific needs by providing you with knowledge and simple, made-to-order, practical, and ready-to-use tools to boost your performance.

Training Domains & Themes

Leadership & Management

At the heart of our Leadership and Management offer is the belief that leadership is a journey starting inward with personal awareness. Self-awareness and self-development are necessary steps to effective leadership, and the training themes we propose reflect this reality.

Personal Effectiveness

Every day, different concerns of varying natures compete for our time, energy, attention, and affection. One of the greatest challenges facing working professionals is to work smarter, not longer hours. To be able to prioritize activities and focus on what is most essential is vital to improving one’s performance and productivity levels. These training modules provide you with tried and tested tools and techniques to enable you to work more efficiently and make the most out of your activities.

Human Resources

A challenge faced by many HR functions is about “gaining credibility.” This in our view, can be achieved at the intersection of 3 factors that will position HR as true value-adding business partners: HR understands the business, HR Effectively applies core HR processes, HR successfully engage stakeholders.

Training with T & P

Our training sessions are:

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We ensure that training sessions address the issues you are facing, and blend seamlessly into your company’s organizational culture.
Participants commit to key actions geared at improving their performance upon their return to work. We support with follow-up coaching, to ensure that planned actions are effectively carried out.
Using proven participatory methods, we focus on each participant and lead them in an experiential process where they reflect and decide on the shifts and changes they need to operate.
We weave fun into the process to create an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Our training offers are flexible…

  • Number of participants: from 1 to 10,000 participants
  • Length of the sessions: from a few hours to several days
  • Roll out plan: a single uninterrupted session or multiple sessions spread out over several days
  • Level of participants: from the shop floor to top management
  • Location: on your premises or offsite
  • Delivery mode: classroom, e-learning, or a mix of both
  • Training team: T & P, mixed team (T&P and your trainers), training of your trainers who will in turn deliver the training modules

Training methods

Participation is at the heart of our training sessions, and is essential to their success. We use, amongst others, the following methods:

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