It is common for employees to work under constant pressure, owing to the ever-present need to meet their objectives. This often creates tensions which are detrimental to team cohesion and performance.

A staff retreat is a great means of solving such problems. It provides an opportunity for a company’s staff to get to know each other better, in order to work better together. By taking one or more days off, preferably away from the workplace, it is possible to concentrate on important questions, which, if solved, would have a positive and sometimes immediate impact on team performance.


Internal or external facilitator ?

Many companies choose to organize and facilitate their team retreats themselves. The main drawback of doing so is that it keeps participants in their comfort zones, and sometimes the expected results are not attained. It is therefore more optimal to bring in an external facilitator, for greater objectivity and rigor. Calling on an external facilitator also guarantees a productive and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

T & P’s approach to facilitation

Participation and warmth characterize our approach:

    • We use the right methods to ensure that all stakeholders participate fully. This participation breeds ownership and synergy.
    • We organize and streamline the contributions, in line with the objectives of the sessions.
    • We get the participants involved in lively activities that make our interventions memorable for everyone.
    • We collect the essence of all the discussions, and integrate them into user-friendly action plans.

Orientation of the retreats

Depending on your company’s context and specific needs, team retreats can have the following orientations:

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Focus on communication, relationships and synergy within the team. Internalization of the business strategy by the team, and analysis of its capabilities and work methods.
Comparative analysis of performance forecasts vs. actual budget.
Leadership principles. Analysis of the impact of leadership on teams. Review of managers’ alignment to the company’s values.
Review specific company processes in view of improving their efficiency.
Analysis and communication of the implications of organizational changes with the intention of facilitating their acceptance.
Review of the company’s mission, vision and values. Identification of strategic pillars, objectives and indicators.

Our staff retreats are often a combination of work and fun. The organizers make known the objectives to be attained, and the facilitators propose activities and games to that effect. These can be held outdoors, in a training room, or in both environments.

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